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Bistro 516 is offering its patrons the chance to become a Bistro 516 member by signing up on this site and receiving a membership card that will entitle you to:

  1. Be the first to know what’s happening at Bistro 516, including special offers, news, events, special nights, live entertainment and more
  2. Avail yourselves of “happy hours” at Bistro 516, typically on a Sunday afternoon
  3. Preferential treatment for VIP areas, when booking (subject to availability)
  4. Other membership benefits that will be rolled out in the near future

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Bistro 516 Vault 5, Valletta Waterfront, Valletta

Mob: (+356) 99852610

Mob: (+356) 79389544

Tel: (+356) 21241000

Email: [email protected]